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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  July 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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fox news sunday is a presentation of fox news. this week in the journal, editorial report as president obama struggles to deal with disorder on the border. a look at how we got here, and washington's response so far. israel steps up its offensive as troops mobilize and tanks amass on the gaza border. it's shaping up to be a bloody summer in two of america's biggest cities. what's behind the shooting spike in new york and chicago. >> are folks more interested in politics or solving the problem. if they're interested in solving the problem, then this can be solved.
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if the preference is for politics, then it won't be solved. >> that was president obama in dallas this week, attempting once again to frame the debate over immigration. and pointing the finger at republicans for failing to act. under fire for his decision not to visit the texas border during a three-day fund-raising swing through the state, the president is asking congress for millions. it's turned into a political and humanitarian crisis for the administration. joining us this week, dorothy, and columnist kim strosel, and mary o'grady. mary, you followed this issue for years, migration from the americas to the united states. what is behind this influx of children? >> well, i think, paul, what you
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have is a combination of factors, both push and pull factors. from central america, you have lots of crime and violence. >> right. >> and that's well documented. general kelly wrote a piece in the military "times" this week saying that the effect of the war on drugs in central america has created chaos, really, and a breakdown of institutions in central america. >> poll factors. >> people want to get away from that. the poll factors are, i think most important is an asylum opportunity that children have because of a law passed in 2008 during the bush administration, bipartisan, that says that children who arrive in this country and claim that they are here -- that they need asylum, have a hearing. and that hearing can take up to two years. they know if they get here, they can stay for some period of time while they await their hearing.
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>> if they're here from central america. children from canada have to be sent back. >> it was attempting to give children who are on the run a chance. the fact that they're central american children has really come -- is complicating the situation, because they cannot be sent back, according to u.s. law. now, if congress wants to change that law, that's fine. but under the law, and republicans say that they believe in the rule of law, these children have the right to a hearing. and unfortunately, because the courts are so backed up, that can take up to two years. >> but a lot of the parents are here for economic reasons. some of the parents are sending for their children to come, to join them here, or join their aunts and uncles or people already here, because they came here for economic reasons. >> right. what i was trying to explain is the crime and violence are one of the factors, but the other factor is that they know when
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they get here, they're probably going to be able to stay with their families for up to two years, and in those circumstances, they have better economic opportunities, and they are safer and they escape the gangs. >> dorothy, would you agree with some of those who suspect, who claim that maybe the president wanted this influx over the border, because maybe this would help get immigration reform passed? >> well, yes. and i suspect he wanted it for a number of other political reasons. as it's thrust against the republicans. >> do you think it's making the republicans look uncompassionate? >> indeed. this is the great stick he's used against them. i think there is a certain amount, not entirely, of mismaking about the causes of these children's influx, one of them being the great and terrible violence that's taking place. violence has been taking place in these societies forever. >> you put more emphasis on the pull factor, promise of being able to stay here in the united states? >> that's right.
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these are heartbreaking sites, no questionit. but these children, largely, are pawns. if you can imagine parents sending these babies over these incredibly dangerous treks for the purpose of escaping the violence and danger of the communities, you have to question the motives of sending these children. >> i disagree with you on whether the president wanted to see this, because if he did, this was the dumbest strategy for getting immigration reform passed. kim, how well do you think the president is handling this? >> well, look, this is -- actually, i agree with you, very awkward politics, not just for him, but for others. the bigger issue, aside from the complaints that he didn't go down for a visit while fund-raising in texas, they're beating him up for what they view are too many deportations already. his response had to be that he's going to get tougher on this and
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deport this children. that's awkward for them. meanwhile, the republicans are saying the problem is border security, that's kind of blown a hole in that argument. as mary said, people are not coming up and sneaking across the border, the children are being collected down there because under the law they're entitled to a hearing. so what this all gets back to in the end is a failure, as you mentioned, of immigration reform. and both sides sort of bear equal guilt for not having done more that would actually fix this problem rather than just trying to tread water and keep up with it. >> do you think the president, dorothy, should have gone to the border and looked like he was inspecting this, and on top of the issue? >> yes, the answer is. however, i don't think the president feels quite like the president he was before that. and this is an expansion of his "so sue me" attitude toward public relations. this is the same person who went to hold governor christie's hand after the flood. ?
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since hurricane sandy. >> yes. who took the trouble to do that, who suddenly can't move from the excursion. >> do you think this is awkward politics for him? >> it's awkward and i think it's a kind of helpless -- i actually think it's a psychological breakdown of a sort, a kind of resistance to the role of the president, and it's saying, i don't have good approval in the ratings, here's some more. i don't have to have a portrait of my compassion. you better know who i am. >> dorothy are you bin oh wits, thank you very much. when we come back. benjamin netanyahu promises to end hamas' attack on his city. what's israel's next move. 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum
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of rockets fired on its city. israel is no exception. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu announcing israel is stepping up its gaza offensive in response to a rain of rockets fired from the region by the terror group hamas. israeli warplanes this weekend, hundreds were suspected militant sites, the government authorized the callup of some 40,000 army reservists, mobilizing for a possible ground invasion of the territory it withdrew from in 2005. "wall street journal" affairs columnist brett stevens and matt cominski joins me now. their people are bearing the brunt of the retaliatory response from israel. >> they were strategically backfooted, both by the pressure on assad. they lost their patron in syria, and the fact that mohamed morsi, sympathetic to hamas, was
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overthrown. >> is that a sign of weakness? >> partly there was a question of their weakness. but also, the killing of an arab boy following the killing of three jewish teenagers sparked days of rioting in the west bank. i think hamas saw an opportunity to incite the palestinian rival mahmoud abbas and the fatah party and take the initiative against israel. >> you mean a general palestinian uprising against israel. >> that's right. >> but hamas is bearing the brunt of the retaliation. what do they think they can gain from this? >> i don't think they're that concerned about the civilian casualties. you had a mini war between hamas and israel, ten times as many casualties, because gaza is so closely packed in. and when hamas sends their rockets, they either miss the target or shot down by the
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missile defense system. hamas, it's not the concern about the civilian casualties, but it will get the sympathy of the world, or of a lot of the world. as bret pointed out, it is fighting an internal palestinian battle. >> this will help them within the palestinian movement? >> right. and they look at -- hamas is a very cynical terrorist movement. they look at the civilian casualties as a propaganda victory for their side. too many people in the west play into precisely that game that they play. so, you know, hamas is firing rockets indiscriminately into israel. the only reason they're not killing people is they miss, they're not effective. the israelis are trying to fire very precisely. but when you're firing into densely populate areas, and the rocket fire's coming from cities, you are going to have collateral damage. >> in 2008 there was an
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incursion israel made into gaza to try to really stop this missile attack, and get to the launchers and so on. yet here we are, a few years later, back again. we were back in 2012 doing the same thing. that time israel didn't go in the ground invasion. what is the goal of the israeli response for fire? have they faded every two years or so to have to do this all over again? >> israel has been reluctant to occupy the gaza strip since it withdrew all of its settlers in 2005. i think they're going to need to start rethinking that proposition. part of the problem, hamas now has these very long-range rockets hitting in areas of central israel, all the way to hifah in the north. and that's because there is extensive tunneling between each of the sinai peninsula into the -- into gaza. i think israel will have to at
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some point reoccupy a wide corridor, to separate each from gaza to prevent that kind of smuggling. these rockets are getting increasingly sophisticated. >> is it possible to eliminate hamas as a military and political force with that kind of ground incursion? tony blair said it is not possible. >> i think that's a silly proposition. israel has been in the gaza strip before. now it would be -- >> do you think they can amass a political military? >> absolutely. hamas is not a major military threat to israel in the sense it's no match to the israeli defense forces. but it would require a sustained operation in gaza that would have political costs to israel that would certainly amount to palestinian casualties and some israeli casualties as well. >> matt, what do you think about the u.s. response so far, that we'll be an intermediary between the two? >> we have very little leverage there, as so many other parts of
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the world these days. the failure of this ill-conceived effort to negotiate peace between the palestinians and israel that john kerry launched that collapsed in the spring, the mediator just resigned, so we have very little capital to use with the israelis over the palestinians. and not many people take us there seriously anymore. >> we just let it play out. gentlemen, still ahead, a bloody summer in the cities, chicago and new york see a spike in shoot. what's behind the latest spate of gun violence. our panel weighs in next. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians.
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it's shaping up to be a bloody summer in two of america's biggest cities, with chicago seeing a stunning 82
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shootings over the july 4th weekend. and new york with an uptick in f gn violence as well. a figure some a tribute to the controversial stop-and-frirvg program. we're back with matt and dorothy and kim. dorothy, what's behind this upsurge in violence? let's take new york first. >> nobody's afraid to carry a gun now anymore. the overwhelming sense is, police are afraid to pat you down to come up to you and to check you out. >> that's what they could do on stop-and-frisk. if they look suspicious, they could frisk them and confiscate the weapons. >> this is an inhibiting factor now. the police feel, i will be sued.
12:21 pm
i think it's an entirely human response to all of this. all of this is the result of an endless came pain against stop-and-frisk as the most incredible violation of human rights ever. 6% of this city is public housing. 26% of all of the crime, the violent crime in the city takes place in those housing developments. >> it's precisely in those most violent neighborhoods stop and frisk was the most. and they can indulge their civil libertarian instincts. >> people did appreciate the police being engaged and watching their neighborhoods like hawks. overall, this is not the uptick in crime, has not touched the better parts of new york. it's been very concentrated in parts of brooklyn, up in the
12:22 pm
bronx. in mostly minority projects. they're carrying illegal guns. this is not a problem of gun control. >> new york has some of the most gun control laws in the country. >> as does chicago. >> right. >> and i think there's really -- bill bratton has come back as police commissioner here. was credited with the miracle in new york in the 1990s, by decreasing homicides by 80%. mayor bill de blas yo has brought it back. now he says, we have to study the problem. there may be something there. >> very interesting. all right. kim, let's take chicago. it's had periodic bursts of murders over the past couple of years. what accounts for the latest one? >> so, it's similar to new york. but with a twist. stop-and-frisk hasn't been as much of an issue there.
12:23 pm
but what you're seeing in chicago is crime spiking in very specific neighborhoods in chicago, which happens to have a lot of poverty, a lot of people unemployed. not the best neighborhoods. and in that case, there's been a lot of discussion in chicago. there's been some cuts to police budgets, for instance. be a pro with inadequate police forces in some of these neighborhoods. that's been a big discussion. but again, you touched on something very important. you've got a lot of people who are trying to suggest both in new york and chicago, that this is a failure of gun laws. both of those cities are examples of cities where the gun laws are so strict, the only people who have guns are the bad guys. so it's not that. >> what about kim, the -- how is gun control and gun violence going to play at all in the upcoming election? michael bloomberg said he will spend millions against politicians who oppose gun control in the coming elections. >> he's going to need millions. that's a good thing he has a lot
12:24 pm
of money. you have not seen the dial move on this issue among the american public at all. even after the shooting, for instance, in newtown, where those children were killed. the bloomberg group has an idea they'll make all sitting incumbent politicians fill out a survey to explain how they feel. the view seems to be that this is going to pigeon hole some people to change their votes on gun control because they will be embarrassed of their position. but in fact, there are a lot of democrats that has states where gun rights are very popular among their constituents and they've been most eager to avoid some of these votes in congress that have been pushed by gun control advocates. >> kim, we'll watch this. we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. one more br. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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time now for hits and misses of the week. kim, first you. >> sarah palin who are calling on republicans to impeach president obama. i feel their frustration, paul. i really do. but talk about giving the left everything they could possibly hope for. i mean, put aside this thorny question of whether or not the president's behavior, bad as it has been, rises to the legal of high crimes. this is going to energize the democratic base and allow the left to claim this is a personal issue between republicans and the president. and thereby, get the democratic party off the hook for all of their terrible governance and policies. if they really want to send a stinging review to the white house, the republicans will focus on taking back the senate this fall. >> mary? >> a hit to the federal reserve under the leadership of chairman janet yellen, for agreeing to end their bond-buying program,
12:29 pm
otherwise known as quantitative easing in october. there's no word yet on what they plan to do about the quadrupling of the balance sheet before this crazy thing started. but at least it's a step in the right direction. >> okay. matt? >> germany thrashed brazil 7-1 in the world cup semifinals. stunning defeat. here's a hit to fans of both teams. the brazilians, even if they were crying, they started to applaud because they know more than anyone, when they see beautiful soccer, they call it football, being played, to the germans quite reserved in their applause, germany scored so many goals, as one journal -- as a story in the journal said, one fan said 4-0 would have been enough. >> who are you picking in the final? >> i have money riding on germany. >> and you? >> i want germany to win.
12:30 pm
be sure to follow us on twitter at jer@fnc. thanks so much, panel. and especially to all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. i . the immigrant child crisis that's taking such a toll on our southern border now being felt in other parts of the country. like the officials in two states say hundreds of those illegal immigrant children are being sent to their communities without any notice. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters. glad you could join me. also, today, governor rick perry calling on president obama to send in the national guard to help deal with this monumental crisis. >> this flood of children is pulling away the border patrol from their normal duties of keeping bad people,